Trusted Advisor & Mentoring

Trusted Advisor & Mentoring

Speaking Engagments

Speaking Engagments

Tina's Mastery Under Pressure program is a gem. Our work together uncovered many blind spots in my personal and professional life. My decision- making process have been transformed in a way that has generated more personal time and more revenue for my company. For the first time in my professional career, I have a more balanced personal and professional life.

~ Juliet Clark, Platform Building with Integrity

Trusted Advisor & Mentoring

Every leader needs a trusted advisor to guide them and mentor their team to ensure peak performance. Tina helps manage the personal side of businesses in a way that maximizes profitabiity and creates loyal and happy employees.

With over 39 years experience as a Peak Performance Specialist, Tina equips creative entrepreneurs and their executive teams with the knowledge and tools necessary to take companies to the next level.


Executive Teams

Sixty percent of the workforce would rather have a new manager than get a raise. People don’t leave companies, they leave their boss. Many executives are not great at leading teams. They have never been taught the tools and resources required for teams that collaborate and work well under pressure.

Tina’s signature course, Mastery Under Pressure, teaches the mental skills that every great executive, athlete, and performer have at their fingertips today. Whatever the current level of ability of your leaders to manage their emotions, Tina’s training will provide the tools and insights required to lead with greater confidence and self-knowledge.


A teacher at heart, Tina is an engaging, interactive, and sought-after speaker. She has a knack for tapping into the energy of her audience and makes each person feel like she is speaking just to them. Her passion for her topic is heart-felt and her mission of spreading the secrets of mastery under pressure brings her rave reviews.

Tina's coaching and counseling got me thinking about new ways to look at situations. Her encouragement and ability to get everyone in the group to open up and participate had me looking forward to each weekly session.

~Steve Felix, Weiner Consulting Group

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4 Tips for Peak Performance

Every high-achiever strives to perform at their highest level. Yet, the daily stressors of the C-Suite executive is fraught with a myriad of pressures that can easily throw anyone off their game. Learn 4 tips that can keep your body calm and your mind clear so you can get "in the zone" and stay there.

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