Mentorship Program
Mentorship Program
Mentorship Program

Rave Reviews (Testimonials)

Reviews are so very important to customer satisfaction and a cornerstone to the Mastery Under Pressure business.

We are so pleased to have helped so many people for so many years. We hope that these testimonials provide a level of comfort regarding the MasteryUP services.

More reviews can be seen here…or you may reach out to us at any time to request more references…

Mathew Galligan

President Cities Real Estate Finance

“Workflow, budgets and deadlines work against focusing on the present. Tina has a gift for working with Type A executives to improve their productivity.”

Kate Lancaster

Manager, Macy’s

“Tina has been a tremendous asset in navigating the complexity of my personal and professional lives, and all the ways they intersect. Building my emotional skills has helped me genuinely engage my colleagues and team members with sensitivity and understanding.”

Steve Felix

Felix Consulting Group, Behavioral Presentation Coach

“If you are looking for a unique approach to stop beating yourself up and opening your eyes to new possibilities in your personal life, please do yourself a favor and work with with Tina.”