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Mastery Under Pressure Group Program

Mastery Under Pressure is a program designed to assist you in elevating your performance, so you can perform under pressure with a sense of confidence, elegance and mastery.

This is a 6-Week training consisting of:

  1. Weekly Video Trainings
  2. Facebook Forum
  3. Weekly Live Calls – open forum

We will cover:

  • Focus: Including Meditation Training
  • Relaxation: Initiating the Relaxation Response
  • Changing Negative Self-Talk and Mindfulness Training
  • Coping with Fear
  • Creating Powerful Visualizations

There will be weekly homework and exercises to practice. By the end of the training you will have expanded your capacity to perform under pressure, while maintaining a sense of inner calm and a quiet mind.

Bonus: For anyone signing up today for a 1-1 Discovery Session and then signing up for the program, you will receive a 30 minute individual session with me at the beginning of the program and then again at the end of the program.

Payment Plans Available

Contact Tina for more information at or call her on 631-988-1109.

Mastery Under Pressure Webinar

San Francisco Bay Area
Session I
  • Facing Challenges
  • Focus
  • Relaxation
  • Coping with Negative Self-Talk and Mindfulness Training
  • Transforming Fear and Using It As Your Teacher
  • Creating Powerful Visualizations

When: To be announced. Please contact Tina for further information.

Where: Online – instructions will be forthcoming upon registration

Every section will include content information as well as exercises for you to practice.

By the end of this webinar you will learn how to:

  1. Build Confidence and Trust Yourself Under Pressure
  2. Utilize Powerful Tools World Class Athletes Use
  3. Focus on Things You Can Control instead of obsessing about those you can’t.